A question that I see being asked more often than not is, “What do you do before and after you publish a post?” It seems like a simple question. In the beginning of my blogging journey I used to think, I’ll just publish this post and the traffic will come. WRONG. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into growing your blog traffic and making sure your blog posts are getting the attention they deserve!!! Today I am going to answer this question the best I can, telling you EVERYTHING before and after publishing a new post on my blog.

First, let’s talk about what you should do before you publish a blog post. This is important! You want to make sure you are hitting all your boxes! Be sure to write this down, like a “checklist” if you would.


This is common sense for the most part, but it is important. I even like to read my posts out loud to myself to catch the little mistakes. But I will be honest, I am not perfect and I don’t catch everything. It happens, we are only human. As long as you try, that’s all that matters.

Check Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In the long run, SEO will play a HUGE part in your blog traffic. If you set up your blog up for SEO perfection from the start, life will be much easier. I made the mistake of not focusing on SEO right away, and going back to fix &  improve 100+ blog posts is quite daunting. Do yourself a solid and try to practice good SEO from the start.

You can use YOAST SEO which is a WordPress plug-in as a guide to see if your post is optimized for SEO or not. There is a lot that goes into SEO and I am NO PRO when it comes to SEO but I do know some basics.

  1. Interlink your content. If your current post relates to a previous post that you published, interlink that previous post into your current post. You can even do something like “RELATED: (previous post)” and link it that way. OR you can naturally tie it into your blog post and make specific words the “link back” to the previous post. (confusing but hope that makes sense!) Interlinking is super important! It also keeps your old evergreen content alive!
  2. KEYWORDS. Choose your “keywords” and spread them out throughout your post. You want keywords in your title, the first paragraph, scattered throughout the post, & you should utilize headings and include keywords in your H2headings.
  3. All images should have keywords in the alt text. If you upload an image to your blog post, edit the “alt text” and include keywords.
  4. Make sure your images are compressed and not OVERSIZED. There are plugins like “WPSMUSH” that will help with this.
  5. Have fast site speed! You can check your site speed here. You want to make sure your site speed is fast because no one has time to wait for pages to load. You ideally want to score an 80 or above on the site speed test!

There are some other things that help with SEO but the YOAST SEO plugin will make it super easy to help guide you through improving your post so you get that green light!!!

Add All Affiliate Links that Apply

If you are trying to make your blog a career, it’s time to get into monetizing! Even if your blog isn’t “huge” yet, you can still use affiliate links! There are programs out there that can get you approved for affiliate links. Once you are approved learn strategies to increase your sales! Before you publish a blog post, make sure you attached all your affiliate links that relate to your post! This will help you make that money. I will also be doing a class on how to apply affiliate links to your blog and make money.

Utilize Facebook to Share

I love using Facebook to try and promote my new blog posts! I have my own FB community for female entrepreneurs and bloggers where I will post new posts pertaining to all area of women businesses, established or up and coming. Having my own FB group really does help to connect with my audience on a more personal level and can also help your blogging journey.

Another tip is: If you are a part of a group and a member asks a question, you can share your blog post in reply if it could help to answer their question! Don’t just drop the link and run… Write a few sentences, be friendly, try to make a connection and then share the link! Personal connections go a long way!

OTHER THAN FB GROUPS – Share your blog post on your FB biz page!!! If you haven’t created an FB biz page yet, definitely do so! This is separate from your actual FB. Every time I publish a new post, I share it on my FB biz page.

Make a Tweet

Twitter is surprisingly really great for the blogging community! I love tweeting when I have a new blog post! You can also use hashtags and tag feature accounts who will retweet your tweet and get your blog post in front of more eyes. I know many may not love twitter, but if you have a blog, you should have a twitter! Social media is your friend when you are a blogger, as much as you may hate it.

Well, that covers it all! This is exactly what I do whenever I publish a new blog post. I hope you found it helpful!!!

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