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Preparing for a Season of Entertainment

Gathering with friends and family is a beautiful way to celebrate a season of festivities and joy. Find ways to prepare for a season of entertainment with some of these simple ideas.

Fall is finally here, and its presence is a welcome arrival for entertainers and partygoers alike. Beginning with Halloween and stretching through New Year’s Eve it is the season of perfectly prepared dinners, mixing and mingling with friends and colleagues, and occasions for gift giving and heartfelt celebrations. Entertaining ideas dominate Pinterest boards. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are full of smiling faces, picture-perfect tablescapes and adorable miniature superheroes and princesses as they make their way through neighborhoods collecting tricks and treats. Young and old alike know this is a season for spending time with loved ones and reflecting on a passing year, learning from it, and approaching a new year with vigor and revolutionized expectations.

Preparing for the holidays and all the subsequent events which come with their arrival can be overwhelming. Often there are more invitations than available weekends and playing the comparison game with other partygoers can suck the joy out of events intended to bring us closer together and remind us of all the things for which we must be thankful. It is easy to let the stress of the season inundate our emotions and get the best of us. After the holidays pass, we are left with a sinking feeling knowing we did not fully embrace all the opportunities for joy presented to us.

Grab a cocktail (or mocktail) and say, “cheers” with your guests and celebrate the many entertaining and fun-filled holiday parties this season and next.

Here are several tips and tricks for making the most of this celebratory season, whether you are an organized party planner or a spontaneous party crasher.

  1. Keep a couple of extra hostess gifts and small token gifts at the ready and have them wrapped so you can just grab them and go to your next event. Your host or hostess be thrilled by your thoughtfulness.
  2. Make plans in advance, if you can. Outlining your commitments ahead of time will help alleviate stressful, last-minute decisions. It is not always possible but staying up-to-date on RSVP’s will save you and the host unnecessary stress.
  3. Give yourself a break and remember you do not have to attend everything. It is okay to say, “no” occasionally. Feeling rested and rejuvenated will help you enjoy the parties you do decide to attend.
  4. Consider hosting an event at your home so you can set the expectations. Choose a date that is convenient for you and host an event in a manner which accentuates your personality. If you prefer quick and simple party preparations, consider catering, or using an event space. If you are the hands-on type of entertainer, who plans every detail just make sure not to overwhelm yourself and get lost in the small touches.

If you are planning on having guests in your home this season, then it is imperative to consider their comfort and entertainment. Beyond food, drinks, and a guest list you should also work on manifesting a joyful environment. Having areas for conversation and leisure are important aspects to a memorable party.

During the cooler fall months, outdoor activities become more limited, and therefore you need to get creative with indoor entertainment options. One fun way to keep your party-goers enthralled is by having a game table so your guests can gather around and play games like billiards, air hockey, shuffleboard, ping pong, or foosball. Indoor recreational games are fun year-round, but they certainly add an element of excitement and competition at parties.

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