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Paris Haute Couture 2017

Paris Haute Couture has some of the biggest name you can imagine in the front row for the biggest and elegant shows of all time. The four-daylong event has brought out the most well-known designers, models, and fashion moguls to debut their latest collections.

The designer I am most excited to see is CHANEL of course. Anybody who knows me know I am so in love with the Chanel collection. Chanel is a cross between classic and everlasting fashion. Although I do not own any of her collection yet! (Speaking into existence) I can only image how I will so represent her brand and wear it with class. Okay, I digress lol! back to the show.

I have picked a few pictures of the collections that were represented in the show. I must say this is by far a great collection for all designers, there were so many to choose from. I would have love to post them all. Just to give you a glimpse of a few, you can see below.

Maison Margiela

I absolutely love Maison Margiela collection, especially the gold cowboy boots :-). The diversity this collection bring gives you option of different colors, prints and trench coats looks. The foam on the head was a bonus of what haute couture represents.


I try to showcase designers that are not known to most. I love learning and writing about different designers and how they showcase their looks. It gives you an insight on what is out there besides the norm. To give credit to the writer from “The Guardian”, this designers collection was an homage to strong women: the writer Anaïs Nin, the photographer Lee Miller, the heiress and political activist Nancy Cunard were all name checked by the Italian fashion house. I love it this collection and I think it represent strong women well. I would wear everything in this collection.


I am so in love with this couture gown that was designed by Artist Sonia Delaunay, this was figure within the avant-garde, which included circular ruffles and clashing colors. I would wear this gown in my wedding whenever I get married. As I said before, with Chanel her collection is everlasting. It never goes out of style. My closet dreams.

Now you know I can’t leave out the fashions from the streets and how they represent for Paris fashion week, Street Style.

Photos c/o, Google images


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