Often times we as bloggers can be all over the place and lose our motivation on writing or just have writers block. I myself can contest to that, let’s be honest, it can be stressful at times. Trying to make time for writing, growing your blog, balance as a Mom, and spending time with your man. Before you know it where is the time for you and to write. This year 2018 I’m trying to find more balance and focus more on me and my business. I mean hey Beyoncé’ can do it, why can’t I. This year is the year of no more excuses. Like Nike said “Just Do It” and I get it now. I want it all, therefore, I have to know how to place balance on my time with business and family. Trust me there are many nights when I have stayed up until 3pm working on content, researching, and now preparing for courses for my next venture. Oh! yeah, let’s not forget trying to engaged on social media which is another job in itself. I wanted to share some tips on how I am able to organize myself as well as share all the time management tips that work for me. Hopefully, this will help you in some way. Trust me, I am all about making my life and your life a little less stress at a time :-).


I can’t tell you how this has helped me in so many ways. We all can get caught up relying on our phones and expect great expectations from them, but we have to realize technology is NOT always reliable. Going old school and having things on paper still much exist, you can never misplace notes. I love my planner, it helps me get back to basic and focus on my time management whether it’s with my kids or work. I have something to refer too when needed. Don’t get me wrong, my planner has to be cute. Don’t buy a planner and never use it, you will be wasting money and that is simply just saying you are not serious about your time and business. You will find out how useful your planner can be just by utilizing it and putting it into work.

Different ways I use my planner:

  • I will take my month layout and write out what blog posts I wish to have (Just starting this and it’s working for me) posted and schedule. I set a goal to post 4 times a week. Writing down posts ideas in advance helps to prevent any writers block, I even wake up out my sleep sometimes and write ideas that come in my dream, just so I will not forget. My goal is to plan out my month 2 days before it begins for i.e. (between the 28th-31st of the previous month). That way you have your month planned out ahead of time and it will help keep you on task.

  • When planning out my to do list, especially if I have a busy day, I would rather plan out my to do list for the day just so I will not get side tracked (THAT!!! I do on my phone also & set as a reminder). This give me the consistency of crossing off each task when it’s completed and help me stay focused. Knowing that you are getting things done is so satisfying.
  • Budgeting, meaning budget my bills. My planner is the go to for that when it comes to budgeting my monthly bills and staying on task. I write down which bills are do and how much I have to save to go into my business. This is important because you are always investing back into your business and keep up to date on the new technology and algorithm of social media. Whether it free or paid, you want to make sure you have money save and planned out just in case you have to invest. This is also another topic for another day.

Last but not least, planned out important dates in advance, whether they are events, meetings, vacations, or content. Your planner is YOUR walking reminder to keep you on task and to help you be successful. I am learning everyday how important my planner is and how vital It can be to my business. If you meet a new client or networking, your planner is also your business card to help you get those important dates you may need to give to that potential client who may need you available. These are just some tips on how I organize my day and I hope it helps you get more organize with your goals.

Here are some planners recommendations: