As some of you may not know, I have been blogging since 2012 which starting out as a hobby. I recently took it more serious two years ago when I found out you can make this more out of a career and not an hobby. My focus since then has been to do just that. What drew my interest into blogging was I like to write and share my what started out as my fashion trends and what was the next best thing in fashion. Now I focus more on the Lifestyle of my life and the because I love to talk about all things fashion, food and travel why not mix it all together.

This is why I love having a blogging platform and being able to express myself through writing and being creative. Some may find me more of an introvert, writing help with that because I’m able to express myself by not having to express myself if that makes since lol. How I started blogging was out of the whelm just to see what it was like at first. I started getting responses and thought to myself “Hey this is cool”. I love meeting people across the world and reading about their ideas and thoughts so I decided to keep at.

If blogging is something you want to do or inspire to do. You shouldn’t think about it, just do it. What do you have to loose, this is a great platform for everyone who has something to share. You have some people making a career out of it and some who just love it as a hobby. I, myself, would like this to be my full-time job, but I’m working hard at it. Who knows! One thing I noticed most about people being skeptical about starting a blog or many bloggers have been asking the same question; “How do I get started? Should I use wordpress .com or .org? This is why I have created this post for all who may want to use the tips that helped me with a lot of research.

Self Hosting

One of the most common questions asked is “Should I pay for premium or business WordPress .com plans? What is Self Hosting? Which self host should I go through?”

My opinion:

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY PAYING FOR WORDPRESS .COM UPGRADES! I upgraded to premium before being educated on the topic, it was POINTLESS! I was unable to use any of the plug ins which was the main reason why I wanted to upgrade to begin with. I also recommend If you ever plan on monetizing your blog and growing your email list, SELF HOST! Brands are more likely to work with someone who has their own domain and self hosts rather than those who do not. It will also give you the most creative freedom. I absolutely love being able to use plug ins and ads to my blog. Now the choice is yours on which route you want to go, but this is my opinion and what I think is best.

Now… which host do you go for?

After researching plenty of self host servers, I chose vs. Here’s why:

  1. is open source and 100% free for anyone to use. All you need is a domain name and web hosting. This is why it is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress. (Source:
  2. It very easy to transferred my wordpress .com site over to .org for NO additional cost! Talk about no headaches!
  3. They have fast servers! Loading takes no time.
  4. Zero issues thus far and I’m able to choose from more themes.

Once you get your self host figured out and paid for, you can install wordpress .org (If you go through siteground or godaddy you can message or call them to help you install wordpress .org which I found helpful)

Make sure to choose a domain name that fits you + your niche. Something that isn’t too hard to remember but lets your readers know a little about your site!

read more about vs. here.


After you have your site created I would suggest figuring out what your “niche” is. What is it that you have to offer to others? Are you talented in makeup and everything beauty related? Tech savvy? Maybe you enjoy influencing others through your style. Whatever it is that you enjoy writing about, make it your blog’s focus. Focusing on one topic or “niche” helps to grow your “audience” (readers who are interested in your content and support you.)


Now let’s get down to business!!!

The next most popular question is “How do you get traffic to your blog? There are a few ways this may all sound a little familiar.

  1. Join Facebook Groups! I can’t stress this enough. Facebook has been one of my major sources of blog traffic. The important thing is to stay active in Facebook groups. Don’t join and forget about them. Constantly promote your blog (If they allow you) and posts wherever you are ALLOWED too. I capitalize allowed because it really is important to make sure you aren’t spamming. Don’t post your blog and posts in places that don’t allow it. It comes off “annoying” and “spammy” and chances are, no one will check it out. There are many threads that allow you to post them within the Facebook groups, you just have to know which one. Try to stay within the blogging community and engage with folks that are on the same page as you.
  2. Have some patience! Success does not happen over night. You can’t expect your blog post to go viral on the first post. I wish it happened that way, but it doesn’t usually. Many successful bloggers were exactly where you are now! Wondering when they will gain subscribers, see income growth, and sky rocketing page views. Some took over a year or two before they could finally quit their 9-5 job! Have faith! Don’t give up either! No one ever succeeds if they give up. Common sense.
  3. Be Consistent! Readers love someone who is consistent. Come up with a schedule for your blog. Post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday! Whatever works for your schedule?  I aim for three posts a week which I think is perfect for just starting out!
  4. Make sure your content is passionate! Don’t write about something you are not passionate about because your readers will see right through you! They will only care if you do!
  5. Make it about more than just the money! If you are blogging simply because you want to make money, it just will never work. You need to blog because you enjoy it and this is something you have a passion for, granted many of you may blog as a hobby and that is okay, but I’m speaking to those who want to make this an career.  Making money from blogging takes a lot of dedication and sleepless nights! It also takes someone who is in it for the right reasons. Enjoy writing, be passionate, be consistent, have dedication and one day the views + money will come.


    This is something everyone struggles with when they first start out. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is focusing on getting your blog post ranked high on search engines. You need proper optimization to achieve this!

    First: Install an SEO plugin. I use the popular YOAST SEO Plugin. This is a great tool to use.

    Second: You have to determine your keywords. Do Keyword research too if you have to.  Choosing the right keywords is important. Use keywords that are searched often. Or you could use the “long tail keywords” trick. It’s a 3-4 phrase that is specific to what you are blogging about. There isn’t as much competition because it’s searched less, which makes for a better chance of ranking higher.

    Third: Make sure throughout your post you are using your key words & include key words in your meta description.

    Fourth: Make sure you have subheadings. These subheadings let search engines know what your post is about. H2 heading is a go to.

    Fifth: Make sure you are giving your images a title and ALT text. This let’s search engines know what your picture is about which helps with optimization.

    Sixth: Link back to previous posts that you have done.  Refer back to your old posts by linking them in your new post. This really helps optimization as well as getting readers to view older posts.

    Email List

    Besides the growing of the traffic, you also want to make sure you are working on growing your email list. In order to do so you should install and use an email list builder. The one I have chosen is Mailerlite. It is completely free for up to 1,000 subscribers and it is SO easy to use! It also gives you an option to create landing pages and automatic messages for when someone signs up. Automatic messaging is what I use for my “Opt in freebie”.

    When focusing on getting people to sign up for your email list, one thing I found to work is creating an opt in. (something your subscribers will get for free because they signed up on your blog).  Brands will give a 15% off discount for their first purchase etc. who sign up.

    For bloggers some ideas could be:

    • A free how to guide … (whatever your niche is)
    • Free printables
    • Free style guides
    • A Free E Book on your topic of choice

Whatever it is that your readers enjoy hearing about + whatever your niche is, base your opt – in around that.


These tips have worked for me and I’m sure they can work for you. I know blogging can get overwhelming and stressful, sometimes it seems as if you can’t get organized.  So I put together a post also, on How to Stay Organized and Productive as a Blogger.

Stay focus and know that everyone’s journey is different. You may not get there when you want, but you will get there in due time. Have patience and FAITH and focus ONLY on your goals, dreams and admirations. 

I have faith in us BossCEOs! We are going to succeed together! Let’s Get It!