I want to focus on Content Marketing Strategies for your blog & biz. Because let’s face it, you can’t expect to turn your blog into a full time job unless you really buckle down and learn content marketing strategies.

Keep in mind, what works for me might not necessarily work for you, BUT I have put all of these to the test and this is how I was able to get the results I have thus far. Again, I am not an expert, I don’t have a degree in marketing, my degree consist of Fashion design, I do, however, have an MBA in International Business and real life experiences and I took the time and dedication to figure out strategies that work. So now I am sharing them with you so that you don’t have to spend hours looking elsewhere, searching high and low for answers!!

Okay, okay, okay it’s time to jump into the tips now.


I think I always mention this whenever I am talking about marketing of any sort. Why? BECA– USE IT IS SO IMPORTANT. Your audience doesn’t want to feel like another number on your list, they want to feel valued, special, important!!!

& you know I am all for keeping it professional, but I am sorry, I like to put my personality behind everything I do. I’m not going to act up tight and poise at all times. That’s NOT ME. So compared to others I might seem a bit more “unprofessional” but at least I am being real. I don’t like to fake it.

Don’t be afraid to be real & relatable! Get personal. I find that sharing my struggles, sharing my REAL TRUE everyday life real and raw is what people connect to. Because everyone’s life has flaws & not everyone can relate to a life that looks too good to be true. Although, do some live lavishing lives? Of course, nothing wrong with that! And it can be very inspiring!!

But for me, that’s not the life I live and I find being real, raw, and honest is what my audience craves.

And when I say make personal connections I mean, don’t ignore your audience!!! Be a friend, make them feel like they can come to you. There is nothing worse than someone who acts as if they are “better” than you and treats you like a number rather than a human being.

You should always make any subscriber, any follower, any member feel as if you value their time and appreciate their support.

Okaaaay moving on…

TWO – Write Less / Market More

I don’t know how many will agree with me on this one BUT it seriously works for me. When I first started blogging I swore that I had to push out 3-4 posts a week. I thought that was the only way to grow my audience and get my content seen…

Oh was I wrong. I was trying so hard to push out content constantly that I was exhausting myself!!

So I thought to myself okay… what if I create 1-2 really juicy articles a week filled with valuable content. AND THENI focused on promoting and marketing the CRAP out of them. DING DING DING.

I instantly saw my blog traffic and sales increase because promotion and marketing is key!

My rule is to have at least 20 high quality posts up on your blog and then cut back to 1-2 longer, quality posts a week and focus more on promoting and marketing strategies to get your blog seen.

Unfortunately, blog traffic doesn’t just come to you when you post, you need strategies to grow that traffic.


Too often we want to set these CRAZY goals, but they aren’t realistic. You have to make sure you are setting goals that are realistic, that you know you can achieve if you keep yourself accountable!

Here are some examples of reasonable goals that I have set for myself this year:

  1. Grow my community from 1,000 members to 10,000 members.
  2. Grow my income to $10,000 a month by next year.
  3. Grow my email list by 1,000 more subscribers.
  4. Create a planner dedicated to content creators.
  5. Launch The Diary of Blogging website.

These are five of my main goals this year that all tie into my content strategy. Once you create these yearly goals, you have to break them down into monthly goals.

How can you get closer to your yearly goal each month?

  1. This month I want to grow my community by at least 1,000 members.
  2. This month I want to grow my income by $500 dollars more than last month’s income.
  3. This month I want to grow my e-mail list by 100.
  4. This month I want to have 10 pages created for my planner.
  5. This month I want to have my logo and theme all set up on my The Diary of Blogging website.

After you create your monthly goals, figure out how you can achieve them!

  1. I need to create a couple pins that promote blog posts that talk about my Facebook community, & even create some pins that link to my Facebook community and promote those.
  2. I need to figure out where most of my income is coming from, and figure out how I can increase it even more. Maybe more e-course promotion? Or maybe trying to gain more clients.
  3. I want to create a second opt-in and promote my opt-ins more on Pinterest so that I can grow my e-mail list. As well as set up a monthly freebie that I send out to my list.
  4. I need to set aside dedicated time to really work on creating pages in my planner.
  5. I need to get myself onto Canva and start creating my LaQi’ Diary logo. LaQi’ Diary is affiliated with my facebook website

These are just examples of how I take my goals, break them down, and crush them. Keep track of your goals and always write down what you ended up achieving at the end of the month. You need to keep yourself accountable.


Before you make any sales or receive any bit of audience who is going to want to come back, you need to build up some trust! What better way to build trust with your audience than offering them some valuable FREEBIES.

I am not an email marketing strategist, that’s something I am still working on. But I do know that if you offer something for free, MOST of the time people are going to jump all over it! Because who doesn’t like free???

This is one way many like to grow their email list. They offer something for free in return for subscribing! It’s a win win!

Now – who’s to say you should only have one freebie?? Hmm…. I actually think having multiple freebies is KEY! Don’t have too many but have 4-5 REALLY good freebies that you offer your email list for subscribing, and then promote the crap out of these opt ins.

The more variety of opt-ins, the more chances of growing your e-mail list. But always make sure your opt-ins are related to your niche. You want your target audience subscribing to your e-mail list. If you are a beauty blogger majority of the time, you probably don’t want your opt-in to be “5 ways to slay a flowers at home.” you know what I mean.


Well, first if you don’t already have an email list builder it’s time to do so.  I use Mailerlite (easy to use if you are just starting out, and it’s free for up to 1,000 subscribers)

Next you have to think of different freebies that relate to your NICHE that your audience will enjoy.


Many will use Canva to create their freebies and turn it into a PDF. This is the ideal way to make it happen.

you can create different “pages” that talk about and promote each freebie, and at the end in order to get what you are talking about you have your little sign up form. Once they subscribe they receive the freebie you are talking about. (Sounds confusing to set up but YouTube has so many helpful tutorials)

Make sure to promote these freebies on Pinterest by copying the link to the page you created that talks about the freebie/sign up form + paste it to the pins URL/website. Then promote that pin like you would your blog post pins.

Don’t stop with just that one freebie. Your email list should be VIP. Send them freebies monthly to keep them around! (Something I need to get better at! lol)


We have all heard of bounce rate right?? While it’s pretty easy to have a high bounce rate if you aren’t practicing the right strategies to keep your audience around.

Ways to help lower your bounce rate:

Interlinking – always link back to previous posts that relate to what you are talking about. Example: I did it in this post. If a previous article I wrote relates to the one I am writing, I link back to it. Increasing the chances of my audience sticking around longer.

Related posts – at the end of your article you should always have “related posts” shown so that if the reader enjoyed your post they can read something else from you that’s related to the topic. There are plug-ins for this if you are self-hosted using wordpress.

Side Bar Recent Posts – if you have recent posts being shown in your side bar then COOL! It’s another way to get people to stay on your page longer by attracting them to other articles you’ve written.


I guess this falls into content strategy, but I find that if you plan ahead, then you are planning to succeed. I am the type of person who needs to have content planned ahead of time! If I wait last minute then my brain goes into a writer’s block.

Let the 30th or 31st of each month be dedicated to planning and preparing for the month ahead!

And if you can create in BULK, then do so. If you have the time and energy to create 2-3 posts at one time, do so! If you post once a week, you now have your content planned 3 weeks in advance! Giving you tons of time to focus on promotion.


This may sound confusing but hear me out. Let’s say you created an e-course (step by step guide on how to live a happier life. – just an example) Create a blog post that is related to your e-course so that way you can promote your e-course in this post without sounding salesy! Plus, it gives your audience a chance to read free content from you before purchasing the e-course. Rather than just shoving the e-course down your readers throat, you are proving to them that you know what you are talking about!

Find out what your audience likes, what posts get the most attention and engagement and continue to build off of it! Create similar content, related to the content that performs well!!! & Whenever you find a post performing well, go back and add affiliate links to the post if you can! That way you can start earning money off of your viral post!

It’s so important to figure out what trends on your blog, and to continue to put out trending content!


If you think about it, your headline to your article is probably the most important part of your content strategy… it’s what the viewer sees first. If you don’t have a catchy headline then that viewer isn’t going to click and read more!!

The power is in the words. Does your headline suggestS that you are going to have a solution to a problem? Is it leaving them wanting to know more? Do you use words that can spark interest?

But always remember to DELIVER what your headline says you are going to deliver. If you say “How to make thousands of dollars quick.” You better share your ways to make QUICK FAST MONEY.


Evergreen content, what is it? This is content that can be relevant all year round! Yes, it’s fun to write about holidays and all that jazz , but it’s not evergreen, therefore promoting it all year round doesn’t seem to work out as well.

If you are constantly creating evergreen content (that can be promoted all year round) then you have more of a chance of content being seen CONSTANTLY. You also in return have more content that you can push. If you ever notice on Pinterest most of the articles you read are from months ago, or a year or two ago. It doesn’t matter though, because the content is evergreen and is STILL relevant to this day!

Evergreen content will make your content strategy a lot less work.

AND KNOW THAT YOU SHOULD ALWAYS RESHARE YOUR EVERGREEN CONTENT! Don’t just share it once and forget about it. It’s a great content marketing strategy to continuously reshare articles that you wrote that areSTILL relevant. Don’t leave them in the back collecting dust.


Now here is the fun part, how do you convert your audience into paying customers or client?

Again, it’s all about building those connections and trust. If you offer a freebie that is juicy, they will probably be wondering how juicy your paid content is.

You have to PROVE to your audience that you know what you are talking about. Prove to them that you aren’t out here trying to scam them for a dollar.

Put your all into your blog and brand. Don’t be afraid to offer a ton of free & valuable content FIRST, because that’s what you should do. If you just come out and throw e-courses in your audiences’ face, they aren’t going to trust you enough just yet to purchase from you.

Many find that email marketing is a great way to build up trust with your audience and make those sales, but again for me, I had better luck building a community and interacting with my audience there.

I know many will jump down my throat for saying this but I sincerely feel as if this generation doesn’t use email the way my generations have use it (I’m really telling my age lol). I took a poll and many said that they delete emails from those they are subscribed to! That they don’t even bother to open them and read them!

Our emails are constantly being flooded with spam etc. we really don’t care about emails as much. Again speaking about this new generation. I get so many emails daily. I just don’t find that email marketing is as strong as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I still try and grow my e-mail list because either way there are people that do open my e-mails, and I love them for that!!! It means the world, but there are tons who subscribe for a freebie and then leave, I just learn to not take it personally! It really depends on your audience and who you are trying to target and attract.

If people want to stay up to date they are usually looking at social media not their emails.  It is good to have an email list just in case something were to happen to social media and we all know technology isn’t reliable all the time, so you will need that back up to communicate with your audience.

All in all, there are so many ways to build up a good content strategy, it’s all about creating goals and meeting them! Building connections with your audience and practicing good promotion strategies! In order to grow a healthy blog and biz you need to invest some money and time into it. As well as a whole lot of PATIENCE.

I hope this helped! Would love to hear from you in the comments!