My Tips to Help Refocus Your Blogging Journey

Today I am sharing with you tips that I learned that helped me to turn my blog into a thriving careerAND GUESS WHAT… You have the ability to do the EXACT same thing!!! The question is, do you want it bad enough? Turning a blog into a career isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes up a HUGE part of your everyday life

Before I jump into the tips let me just remind you of a something…

First: You have to stop comparing yourself to other bloggers. The more you compare, the more discouraged you will become. Everyone’s journey is different.

For example, maybe you see a successful blogger but maybe she doesn’t have children and you do. Of course having children is a blessing but it will take up your time! It’s okay to have things that take your focus away. It’s just all about finding the balance. Work while the kids are napping or late at night when they are in bed. You have to find a way to make blogging work with your lifestyle. I have kids and I’m usually up until 2 or 3 in the morning. You have to find the time and make it work for you.

Each blogger has their own difficulties & their own distractions. Don’t compare your blog’s success to ANYONE else’s. Stay in your own lane and keep focused! Now onto the tips!

Tip Number One: START

You must be thinking, well Janita,  in order to become a successful blogger you need to start! BUT, it’s not that easy. SO many out there have this dream of living the “blogger” lifestyle, working from home, being your own boss, and traveling the world! How many actually have the ability to actually PURSUE this dream full force!? NOT MANY. Many will WANT to, but you have to START. That’s the hardest part! Once you start, DON’T STOP.

So, my advice is to not quick, even when you are discourage.

You can’t create your dream life unless you start going after it. Stop contemplating what you want to name your blog, what your blog is going to be about etc. JUST CREATE IT.

When I first started my blog, I had NO IDEA what the hell I was doing or what I was in for. I taught myself along the way. I spent 5 minutes picking out my blog name. Do I regret it? Hell no. My blog is my baby and I will love my blog no matter what! Just go with your gut instincts and create it.


I can’t stress this enough, I used to not be very organized at all! But, my lifestyle and career change forced me to become more organized. Staying organized and planning ahead has really helped to transform my blogging career!

I enjoy planning out my blog posts a month in advance! I like to write out my posts in my planner, that way I can really visualize how my month is going to go. I may not always be on time, but I make it :-).  You should also always keep your space organized. Working in a chaotic, messy space will make it difficult to feel motivated. I know, I know you’re saying to yourself that maybe hard for me, but try it you will feel better and focus.


Having an e-mail list is so important! It makes it so that those who are interested in your content are all in one place. You can send out newsletters, updates, news about product launches etc. Your e-mail list is the first to know everything that is going on, and that’s usually because they CARE! Otherwise they wouldn’t have subscribed. (But don’t get discouraged if they unsubscribe. Some just subscribe for your opt-in. WHATEVER.)

Ways to grow your e-mail list would be to create an opt-in “freebie”. This is something you would send your subscribers as a thank you for subscribing!

I recommend using MailerLite as your e-mail list builder! MailerLite is free for up to 1,000 subscribers, and it’s SO EASY to use! Drag & Drop template.

I would recommend sending out a weekly newsletter that rounds up posts that you published to your blog throughout the week! I find that people don’t enjoy getting TONS of e-mails. So having one newsletter go out once a week instead of multiple e-mails will probably have a lower unsubscribe rate!

Also – don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they enjoy receiving from you!! That’s the important part. Finding out what your audience enjoys and continuously sending them what they want.

If you ever have big news to share, you can share it with your e-mail list as well! Such as: Product launches!!!

Your e-mail list should be the first ones to know about what’s going on.

Tip Number Four: NETWORK

It’s so important in the beginning to network and collaborate with other bloggers! Participate in Networking Facebook groups. You can find so many amazing bloggers to collaborate with, network and get feedback.

Guest posting is key to growing in the beginning! COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION.

Don’t be a fly on the wall, engage with other bloggers in your niche. Be a friend!! It’s so important to be engaging not only with your audience but with other bloggers too. This will help get your blog out there.

If you’re friendly, others will be friendly back 90% of the time. Just saying!!!

Tip Number Five: PATIENCE

This is one thing that many lack in the beginning. We are so QUICK to lose patience. We start blogging and within a month we expect to see thousands of dollars rolling in. NO. It doesn’t work like that.

It’s true, you CAN make money blogging but it WILL take time and HARD WORK.

You can’t just post a new blog post and expect to see traffic to your site. You need to market that blog post, promote it, share it, and engage with others to grow that traffic!

The beginning is always the hardest, but once you figure out strategies that work, it will become consistent!!

Give yourself time. Patience is ALWAYS rewarded.


Even if your blog isn’t your business right away, you should still treat it as if it is! You have to take your blog seriously if you want to turn it into your career. (or if you want to see progress).

What do I mean by that?

Well, don’t take long breaks! It’s important to stay consistent. For example: You can’t take month breaks away from your job, so DON’T take month breaks away from your blog either!

Even if you have a small following, they still matter! They are following you because they care about your blog! So when they notice you aren’t updating anymore, they might begin to think that you have given up. Some will stop following, and this will also make your readers lose trust. It is crucial that your readers can trust you! ESPECIALLY when it comes to making sales. I learned this the hard way. 

SO – take your blog seriously, and stay consistent. If you need to take a break (which is necessary), take a weekend off, OR small breaks. I always give myself 5-10 minute breaks between each hour and that’s it and it’s back to work. Working for yourself there are no days off.


It’s important to never get discouraged if you notice a decrease, (whether it be a decrease in traffic, sales, followers, etc.) Instead of getting discouraged, you should figure out WHY?. You can do this by tracking your progress.

Let’s say today your traffic was 100 less than it was yesterday… Did you promote less today than you did yesterday? Or maybe you tried out a new social media platform and it’s just not working out for you.

Anytime you share your content, write it down! Track what WORKS and what DOES NOT WORK.

Always work off of what works! Even if you see a post that is more popular than others, create more content that is similar to that post. You already know that it will get attention.

Once I started tracking my progress and all of my analytics, I saw an increase in traffic almost everyday. But, I also have my days that are down more than others and that’s okay. It happens!

Don’t let your set backs be steps to giving up. Instead let these set back push you & guide you to your success.

Tip Number Eight: PREPARE FOR HATE

I am not saying hate always happens, but it will happen at one point or another. (who knows when, but being prepared helps)

People are envious, and people like to stir up the drama. The way I would deal with negativity, is cut those out who are bringing negative vibes your way. You don’t need that energy around you. Surround yourself with those who believe in you, support you, and radiate positive energy.

& if you receive hateful comments, no one is saying you have to keep them! Delete and ignore. It’s not worth your time.

I also know it can be tough when those close to you aren’t supportive. Which is why joining communities dedicated to supporting each other’s blogging journeys is important! Stay focused and Keep grinding.

I hope these 8 tips help point you in the right direction & you take that leap of faith and start following your dreams of pursuing a career through your passion!

I always love hearing from you in the comments, so stop by and say hi and let me know your thoughts!!!!