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Welcome!!! So happy you stumbled upon my blog. My name is Janita and you might know me from ShEO Entrepreneurs a CEO community I created for female digital entrepreneurs and bloggers to come together and learn how to grow their blog & digital business while supporting others!

What’s My Mission?

I created my blog in hopes of inspiring others who may feel as if they don’t have a purpose in the world, to realize that they actually DO! It’s all about finding it and pursuing it! I’ve always LOVED to write. Just like everyone else, I also have a story.  I started my blog from nothing and worked my way up.  Along the way, I learned a lot about myself.  I’ve taught myself how to make a thriving blog, Facebook community & e-commerce business (LaQi’ Fitness) and now I want to teach YOU how to do the same.

I’ve always believed in helping others achieve success (COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION) which is why I always offer my courses and content for free OR at an affordable price.

On the blog, you will find things from How to START your blog to How to EARN a living through your passion.  As well as random tidbits from my life experiences.

There is no rhyme or reason to what I blog about. Why? Simply because I have a passion for not just one specific topic, but MANY topics! & I believe that as long as you are writing about what you LOVE, the rest will follow. Welcome to my diary!

Where Should You Start?

Well, that is all up to you! Where are you in your blogging journey? Choose what best relates to where you are at!

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