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6 Tips to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

You’ve all heard it before as a blogger- the importance of making your content stand out and to be accessible to your audience. Your content is written for actual people and hopefully you can find the balance to make it as SEO-friendly as possible. Of course, these tips can take time to work while your friends’ blogs are already making a huge impact. For me, I found out some of the best tips that you can start applying right now as you begin to write your content. What are they? Here are my top 6 to start out with!

  1. Keywords- You’ve all been told that keywords are essential to any blogger because that what helps your blog draw attention from the search engines. You cannot just any keyword though because it could potentially cause a problem and completely change the tone of your content. Your main focus should be what you write and your keywords should work around that. Try not to stuff a ton of keywords in your post in the hopes of being discovered either. Think of some type of essay reworded and if they are being removed, think of others that might fit!
  2. Make It Easily Accessible – Every good blogger knows that you should have some sort of share button at the end of your post. While you may love Facebook, make sure that you have other platforms attached so that you can get the max exposure and help draw more attention to that particular post. You want it to be shared as many times as possible and make it as easy for your readers to share with their audience. It is as simple as clicking a button or two to share your post! If it is easy, it will be effective for everyone!
  3. No Broken Links– How many times have you clicked a link to get to a new post or your favorite pair of shoes and been disappointed because the link is broken? Not only that, it is extremely frustrating! Test your links if you want to be looked at as a professional blogger! Bad links will just put your blog on a list that search engines do not want to come near or worst yet, people do not want to read!
  4. Catchy headlines- This is the first thing your readers will see. In fact, this is the deciding factor between them reading further or deciding that this is not what they are looking for. Make your headlines work for you by making it catchy and interesting. This is the one and only time you can lure the readers in and convince them that the content that follows will be worth reading.
  5. High-quality content- You are never going to get away from sitting down and writing good content. This is not merely an equation and if you have all the right solutions, you still cannot win unless you add some value to people’s lives. A good rewording generator will always help you out if you feel that your content sounds like a robot or rambling. Always remember that there is a lot of competition out there and you can only fight this by providing something that other bloggers do not. You cannot write mediocre content when you are trying to compete with the best
  6. Be consistent- This is one of those tips that might take you a while to achieve. Set up a schedule of when you decide to publish a new blog post and stick to it. This shows that you are reliable and the more your viewers see this, the more the trust builds. When I know that my favorite blog updates on a Tuesday, I am sure to check in first thing on Wednesday morning in case there is a time difference. This consistency is great for search engines as well!

Image: Rank Crew

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  4. Great reading. Together with my girfriend we have been travelling around the world learning how to surf and exploring world. My girlfriend have started with a blog so all these info are very helpful.

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