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6 Home Updates Worth The Cost

When it comes to purchasing a home, not everything you are looking for will be available. Sometimes purchasing a home that is needing a bit of leg work is the way to go to help cut costs and can create an easy way for you to update some of those items yourself! Not all upgrades are beneficial so today I will be sharing 6 that although may seem expensive, will help the value of your home tremendously! What are they? Let’s get started and I’ll share!

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  1. Updating Your Kitchen Countertops – The first thing many people look for in a home is the kitchen. It is the heart of home so to speak and the one place many friends and family members gather daily so you want it to look as nice as possible. If you do not love everything in your kitchen, the first thing I would do is update the countertops. The company that I always chose is Premier Surfaces for their dedicated and knowledgeable customer service and variety of countertops! They have limestone, marble, granite, wood and more to help meet your dream kitchen goals! With various locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Alpharetta, you are sure to find all your needs here in the South!
  2. Deck – Another easy upgrade and worth the cost of your home is a gorgeous deck. One of my favorite ways to eat is outside under twinkling stars so why not bring that experience to my own backyard? Sometime the cost is only $25-$35 per square foot! A wood deck adds a lot of living area at a fraction of the cost to a full-on addition. It can really add a great dimension to your home, especially if you live in a smaller size!
  3. Attic – Want a bedroom for your AirBnB biz or at least for those grin-and-bear-it in-law visits? Take a look at your attic! It’s an unused space that’s already framed and ready to be oh, so much more. Big project? Sure, but there is a big fat feeling of satisfaction once you are done! There are so many great ways to remodel your attic into something useful like a game room, a new bedroom for guests to enjoy or a playroom for you little ones to grow into!

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  1. Replace Windows– You will have a new outlook on life — or at least your yard — when you ditch old windows for fierce new energy-efficient models. opt for low-E coatings and argon gas insulation to max out energy savings. Homeowners who responded remodeling their home cited energy efficiency as the top reason they chose to upgrade their windows. Tip: New windows are pricey — around $500 a pop. If your windows are leaky but generally OK, your best bet is likely good old’ (money-wise) caulk.
  2. Use Vinyl Siding- Here is another low-care option. Vinyl siding is lightweight, low cost, and by far the most popular choice for siding replacement jobs. Colorfast formulas and seamless installations help vinyl look better than ever, and insulated vinyl helps cut energy costs. But take care when choosing your siding installer — almost one in four people shared that if they could do it over again, they would use a different pro.
  3. Change Hardware- This may not seem like a costly item but if you want to change all the hardware in your home including your bathrooms, kitchen, office etc., then it may be a bit of a money scraper. However, there are always a lot of sales for you to pick your favorite hardware from at a local hardware store and changing out your hardware is a simple and easy process. It immediately transforms the room of your home!

Of course, picking out which project you think is most important to your home is your choice. Whatever your upgrading needs are, make sure you think of the project and the investment you are putting in as worthwhile. It will help improve the overall look, feel and appearance of your home and one that you will want to be in for years to come. Your home is your prize and joy, your ability to upgrade and enjoy day in and day out. If you have any great ideas that have been worth it in the long run, feel free to comment below! I cannot wait to hear what you have done to improve and upgrade your own home, or what ideas you are thinking about doing!

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